My studio is located in Hardinsburg, Indiana.
There, I produce one of a kind sculptures made of professional grade polymer clay.
I have been a professional sculptor for over 35 years.
No molds are used in my current process.

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Sculpture Galleries:



Fairy Princess Teacup Pig

Jersey Devil

Grimm's Queen Bee

Seaside Amusement

Bearden Merman

In Terra Pax

Magic Mushroom Fairy

Angel of the Abyss

Children of the Night

Witch Moth

Party Animal

Tea cup Fairy Pig

Brass Ring Diva

Winter Twilight Fairy

Dark Absinthe Fairy

Absinthe: Aphrodisiac of the self

Kat in the Hat

Carousel Queen


White Roses


Sea Jewels

Ice Palace Djinn

Red Faun

War Pony

Velveteen Rabbit

March Faun

Fanciful Cleo

Servant or Master...Genie

Three Wishes...Genie

Black Leopard Mermaid

Change of Seasons Fairy

A Preference for Cherries

Clockwork Tea Time



Pink Lustre: Tea Cup Fairy

Dragon Rider

Meliantha-Tea Cup Fairy

Turquoise Scroll Fairy

Dreamtime Return


Golden Faun

Bandon Mermaid

Queen's Messenger

Steam Ride

Green Muse

Steamy Flier


Nikki Fairy

Steamy verdigris


Woodland Brothers

Black is the color

Pensive Faun

Leopard Fish

Winter Wings

Nightmare Ringmaster

Woondland Prince


Queen of the Abyss

Deadly Confection

Blue Dragon Mermaid

Freckled Frolic

African Copperbelt Mermaid


Monster Bride




Jordan: Portrait Doll

Carousel Masquerade

Sirčne Gothique

Cakie and Koozie: portrait Doll

Black Rose

Ice Harp

Mary's Goddess

Steampunk Timekeeper Fairy

Steampunk Witch and Monocled Cat

The Acorn Thief

Mermaid and Seahorse

Ghost Bride of the Sea

Garden Book Worm Fairy

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